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DNC in Charlotte

Charlotte DNC

With Charlotte only 30 minutes away I couldn’t resist jumping on the light rail and checking out the city during the Democratic National Convention. In contrast to the first couple days of inclement weather the sun was bright and the

Obama’s Failure of Leadership

Obama's Failure of Leadership

From ObamaCare to Solyndra and everywhere in between it is clear that Obama has over-reached in his first term as president.  Obama has become the Pied Piper of every liberal cause and leftist idea, while developing into one of the

NObama 2012 TShirts

NObama 2012

  Since the GOP loss in 2008 many people had hoped that Obama would end up being a good president but instead he has lived up to every terrible expectation of leftist principle by expanding government and entitlement programs while

Pushing For The Prize: Cut, Cap and Balance

Cut, Cap and Balance

The Cut, Cap and Balance plan is the only real solution of all the debt plans so far that will actually mandate spending cuts now, cap the future expenditures and help create a mandate that would require the federal government

The Debt Ceiling – A Battle of Ideologies


As the debate rages on over raising the debt ceiling limit I think about the “Hope and Change” that Obama campaigned for three years ago.  To many Americans the urgency to raise the country’s debt limit seems more like politics