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NObama 2012 TShirts


Since the GOP loss in 2008 many people had hoped that Obama would end up being a good president but instead he has lived up to every terrible expectation of leftist principle by expanding government and entitlement programs while dividing the country with the nasty rhetoric of class warfare.

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Obama has used his law degree and experience to wage war against the constitution unlike any president before him.  From the passage of Obamacare, to the latest mandate for free contraceptive coverage without a conscience exemption, Obama has used Chicago thug politics and payoffs since he began his first term.

He has used taxpayer money to promote a healthcare system the majority of America has been against since day one and instead of cutting the deficit in half as he promised to do when he was elected he has doubled the deficit.  This president continues to espouse socialistic policies of entitlements that are paid for by taxing the rich.  This ideology goes against the very principles of free market and limited government from which our country was founded.

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Obama is a surprisingly poor leader.  His lack of leadership is apparent in the highly charged partisanship seen in Washington between both parties.  Instead of working with the GOP, Obama never misses and opportunity to spin his propaganda and debase the Republican party in the media which in turn makes it even harder to work with him on the compromises required for rule-making.

These NObama 2012 Tshirts were designed to express the frustration true Americans have with this president and his socialistic ideology that has expanded government to record size and put our country on a path to bankruptcy through unlimited spending.  The hammer and sickle as illustrations of socialism and communism surrounding the president’s logo are representations of the path this president is taking us toward.

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It is time to send Obama a message that we are tired of the spin and the politics and the smooth talking.  We see where his policies have taken us in three short years: less freedom, more regulation and government intervention, exploding deficits, credit downgrade, sky high unemployment, doubled the price of gas, record partisanship, class warfare, government choosing winners and losers in the economy, billions in government contracts to failed green energy companies, patronizing our enemies abroad and a disrespect for our greatest allies in the world.

The ideology of socialism is not something we can take for another 4 years.  See the collection of NObama 2012 Tshirts now and send a message today!